Berta Tilmantaitė

Multimedia reporter, lecturer, co-founder

Media impact for society and organisations

Environmental problems in video documentary

  • What do ocean nomads in the Coral Triangle know about climate change and a diver
    who collects seafood for 40 years in Chile?
  • 4k nature pornography and unflattering environmental catastrophe.
  • Anthropocene’s age and courage to know the difference: between apathy and


Video age: what do photo stories tell about us? 

  • The brightest narrative of photojournalism and the power to change – truth or
    arrogant myth?
  • From a Siberian taiga hunter to the fishermen of Lake Victoria: Who connects us all?
  • Why are there almost none published photo stories in Lithuania and what do we lose
    as a result?
  • Journalistic ethics, manipulation and audience responsibility.


How photo stories and multimedia stories are created

  • Storytelling – The story of stories in the selfies century.
  • The tradition of humanistic photography in Lithuania and where it is today.
  • Pacific algae Gatherers, wild bee honey hunters in Kenya and Lithuania's Paralympic
  • How to get on the National Geographic cover?