Dr. Jonas Jurkevičius

Physicist, researcher, lecturer


The relationship between science and society

Magic method

  • Rowbotham vs Russel: The Earth is flat, and that’s a fact!
  • Heliocentric Nonsense and her bared method – Copernicus vs Brahe, Galileo vs. the world.
  • Dupe, not believing in anyone against a completely convinced sceptic – Bacon vs Descartes.

Wizards, priests, and charlatans among us

  • You shall not prove! – Popper against the world’s darkness.
  • Science is True religion, amen – Kuhn, Lakatos, Feyerabend.
  • Our Found is your foundation – Asimov, Sagan.

How to allow science to get into your life. multicoloured story

  • From where is this physics Hogwarts? – Lithuanian Science (un) success story.
  • Why is science often trample Achilles ‘ heel? – Dunning-Kruger effect.
  • Practical sorcery, or how to bring a little science into your life.