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Loreta Vaicekauskienė

Linguist, Head of the Center of Sociolinguistics at the Lithuanian Language Institute and

Lecturer in Vilnius University the Center for Scandinavian Studies

1. How Sounds Solid, Interesting, Smart? On social identity from linguistic perspectives

  • How do language features become an indicator of identity?
  • How do people value each other by language?
  • Which variants of the Lithuanian language have the greatest social capital?


2. Why is mixed language totally ok?

  • Do English and Mixed Languages Threaten the State of Lithuania?
  • What does it mean to mix languages in a Facebook (and elsewhere)?
  • Have you seen homo ludens – a playing man?


3. The situation here goes too far. What makes researches from elsewhere surprised by Lithuanian language policy?

  • What historical reasons determine our originality?
  • Why do Lithuanian language standardizers need Monopoly of values and power?
  • How Lithuanian Doctrine Affects Speakers’ Consciousness


4. The literacy problem is not all that and not all ten. So what is it and where?

  • Language is getting worse? Or maybe it’s a myth?
  • How literacy is understood in media and science?
  • Are we less literate than our parents?