津 Tsu – port   波 Nami – wave

TsuNami is made up of a series of waves coming in, called the “inner wave

train”. They are caused by the movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates

This human, unmanageable force, most influences ports, but at the same time encourages regeneration, changes in terrain and biosystems

TsuNami’s message is to rethink what you know so far, face challenges and prepare for the future



During COVID we provide sessions online / Teams, Zoom

We offer subscription-based creative expert sessions and inspirational training with the best professionals in their field. Duration ~ 1-1,5 hours

    • subscription: regular TsuNami meetings. You choose the frequency and the topics.
    • individuated single session adapted to the context and the audience.
    • consultations for personal, professional development, team building.

After the session, we will continue your education with a brief summary, tips, additional resources for interest in the topic.


In addition, we offer you the opportunity, on a simple platform, for your employees to decide for themselves what they want to call, by voting.


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